brandvertragende panelen

Fire retardant panels

Cleanbuild fire retardant panels offer optimum hygiene and fire safety. Our FI-RE panels have the same benefits as the Cleanpanel panels but are made from a mixture of fire-resistant raw materials. Thanks to our FI-RE panels, it is also possible to use high-quality plastic walls and ceiling claddings in working environments with high fire safety requirements.



Fire-retardant panel range

Cleanbuild plastic FI-RE panels are easy to clean, durable and fire-resistant. Just like the Cleanpanel panel, the FI-RE panels are provided with a handy click system, that considerably speeds up installation. 

The FI-RE panels are available in widths 250/35 mm and 400/35 mm and are manufactured in the required lengths. The panels are manufactured in the fresh colours white and grey.

Applications of fire-retardant panels

Our FI-RE panels are suitable for environments where heat is used. For example, the panels are used as wall cladding in bakeries and industrial kitchens, but they can also be used as cladding at petrol stations. The FI-RE panels bring hygiene and fire safety together.


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More about Cleanpanel fire retardant panels

FI-RE panels bring together the best of both worlds. For example, the panels have the ideal properties of plastic wall and ceiling coverings, but also contribute to fire safety. Find out how this is possible in the answers to the questions below:

What does FI-RE stand for?

The term FI-RE stands for ‘Fire Retardant’.

What are the benefits of FI-RE panel?

Like Cleanpanel plastic panels, our FI-RE panels are highly hygienic. They have a super smooth surface, making them easy to clean. The panels also require very little maintenance: they hardly wear out, are resistant to many chemicals and last a very long time. In addition, thanks to a smart click system with double rubber seal, the panels are easy to assemble. The new plastic wall and ceiling cladding can easily be installed against an old surface. The panels are also suitable for the construction of stand-alone front and partition walls.

In addition to all the benefits offered by Cleanbuild plastic panels, FI-RE panels are also fire-retardant.

Why does Cleanbuild offer fire retardant panels?

Plastic walls and ceilings have many advantages for industrial applications. For instance, they are quick to install, cost-efficient and particularly easy to maintain. The downside of plastic is that it is more susceptible to fire than, say, masonry walls. Cleanbuild therefore developed the FI-RE panel especially for applications in which fire safety is of great importance.

Are the panels fire-retardant or fire-resistant?

The terms ‘fire-retardant’ and ‘fire-resistant’ are regularly used interchangeably. This is not justified: they both clearly mean something different. The term ‘fire-retardant’ says something about the fire behaviour of the material. It looks at flame spread, droplet formation and smoke development. Based on this and some other data, the fire class is determined. The fire class of Cleanbuild FI-RE panels is B-S3-D0 in accordance with EN 13501-1: 2007. The fire class tells emergency services how best to extinguish the burning material.

With fire resistance, the question is: how quickly does a fire spread from one room to another? This involves measuring how long it takes for a particular structure or room to collapse under fire. Fire-resistant products can also catch fire themselves, but slow down the spread of fire.

What material are the fire-retardant panels made of?

The FI-RE panels are produced in the same moulds as the Cleanpanel panel, but with a different material. The rigid PVC of the FI-RE panels is a unique recipe of fire-resistant raw materials. This mix results in a fire-retardant material, which has given the panels an excellent fire class B.

What does fire class B-S3-D0 mean?

A product’s fire class is determined through accurate testing and recorded in a certificate. Cleanbuild’s FI-RE panels are certified by Efectis at fire class B-S3-D0. This rating consists of three parts:

B: The first letter of the fire class indicates how flammable a product or material is. This class ranges from A (non-combustible) to F (extremely combustible). FI-RE panels with fire class B are therefore very difficult to burn or ‘almost non-combustible’.

S: The letter S stands for ‘Smoke‘ and tells something about the formation of smoke. At S1 there is low smoke formation, S2 stands for ‘medium smoke formation’ and at S3 there is ‘high smoke formation’. Like The FI-RE panels have large smoke formation.

D: The letter D refers to drop formation. These are droplets or loose particles that fall off the material, allowing new fires to start. At D0 there are no burning parts; at D1 the falling off parts burn for less than 10 seconds and at D2 the loose parts burn for more than 10 seconds. If FI-RE panels catch fire, there is no drop formation (D0).

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