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Cleanprofile plastic profiles

Cleanprofile plastic profiles are the perfect way to get the most out of the Cleanpanel panel system. Our profiles are made of the same high-quality material as the panels, so they match each other perfectly in colour and quality. With Cleanprofile you get the best results – a smooth finishing of your Cleanpanel wall or ceiling.


Choose your plastic profile

Plastic profiles are used for the finishing walls, ceilings, plastic frames and plastic doors. The profiles facilitate the installation of our plastic panels. Once the plastic profiles have been installed, the Cleanpanel or FI-RE panels can easily be slid into the profiles. Besides the U and L-shaped profiles for mounting the panels, Cleanbuild also has a window sill profile for finishing the Cleanwindow. 


U-shaped profile

Cleanprofile U-shaped profiles are used for a tidy and smooth finishing of wall and ceiling panels. Cleanprofile plastic U-shaped profiles are available in white and grey and fit perfectly with the Cleanpanel plastic panels.

ongelijkzijdig u-profiel

Unequal U-shaped profile

With a Cleanprofile unequal U-shaped profile, you can easily install a Cleanpanel wall and ceiling panels and give them a smooth finish. Due to the short front edge, the plastic panel fits in the profile.

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Double U-shaped profile

With a Cleanprofile double U-shaped profile, corners can be formed. The plastic profiles are made of hard-PVC and fit perfectly with Cleanpanel plastic panels.


L-shaped profile

In places where a U-shaped profile does not fit properly, a Cleanprofile L-shaped profile can be used for finishing the Cleanpanel panels.


H-shaped profile

The Cleanprofile H-shaped profile has the same high-quality quality as the Cleanpanel panels. The plastic H-shaped profile fits closely to the panels and is available in white and grey.

Sample Package

Super smooth, impact resistant & radiant white – Cleanpanel plastic wall and ceiling panels give the working environment a completely new look. Curious about the product? Request a FREE Sample Package now.


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Different types of plastic profiles

Plastic profiles are used for the finishing of walls, ceilings, windows and doors, among others. In most situations, an unequal U-shaped profile is used in which the panels are fitted. The front side of this profile is shorter than the back side, so that you can easily place the panels in the profile. Corner profiles (L-shaped profiles) are available for more difficult corners and diverted situations. Cleanwindow PVC windows can have a window sill profile finishing. This profile gives depth to the window and provides additional insulation.

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