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A conveyor car wash washes hundreds of cars daily and runs non-stop during the day. The cladding of the car wash is continuously exposed to water, dirt and cleaning agents. This requires wall and ceiling cladding that is not only strong enough, but also easy to clean. Cleanbuild offers you both: our plastic panels hardly wear out and due to their smooth surface, they can be cleaned quickly and easily. We will be happy to help you build or renovate your conveyor car wash in the most efficient and functional way possible.



Cleanbuild is specialised in high-quality plastic construction materials, which are ideal for use in conveyor car washes. Our plastic panels (also available in a fire-retardant variant) are hygienic, impact-resistant and corrosion resistant. Moreover, they are easy to install, so that long walls and ceilings can be cladded within a short period of time with smooth, low-maintenance panels. Are you also building an entrance to an office or a counter in the car wash? With our plastic windows and doors you can easily realise a smooth unit, that perfectly matches the panels.


By now Cleanbuild products can be found in diverse conveyor car washes throughout Europe, to the great satisfaction of our clients!

New construction conveyor car wash Coppus Venlo

Coppus Carwash is the largest and the most sustainable car wash in Venlo with Cleanpanel ceilings and walls.

Renovation car wash Kuster Energy Doetinchem

That looks great: Cleanbuild supplied and installed Cleanpanel wall covering for the renovation of the TipTop carwash in Doetinchem.
Kuster - logo wanden carwash renovatie

New carwash double chain lane Zaventem

To be able to serve as many customers as possible, the entrepreneur of Best Carwash opted for wall covering that requires little maintenance and
logo best

Renovation Total Carwash Tiel

Within two days the very outdated carwash with its tiled walls was effectively renovated and fitted with attractive, clean white walls.
Total wash - logo wasstraat

New conveyor car wash Van Beynum in Gouda

Van Beynum in Gouda involved a newly built conveyor car wash. Cleanpanel was used for the walls of the car wash and also for
logo de wasstraat


We are happy to take as much work off your hands as possible. Right from the start, we think along with you about the solution that the best suits your conveyor car wash or mega car wash. We cut our panels directly to the right length, deliver them to you and, if desired, we can also take care of the installation for you. This way, you only have one point of contact during the entire process. Very convenient indeed!


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Cleanpanel plastic wall and ceiling panels give your working environment a completely new look.

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Owners of a mega car wash can spend a lot of time maintaining and cleaning the car wash. Not only the machinery must be maintained, also the interior of the room must be kept clean and tidy. Outdated wall cladding, such as old, tiled walls or rusty sandwich panels, retain dirt in the surface and are therefore difficult to clean. Cleanbuild offers a solution: the Cleanpanel plastic panel. The panels are made of solid PVC, are corrosion resistant and have a surface that is smooth as glass. Thus, cleaning long walls and ceilings is much easier. And that saves time!

Cleanpanel plastic panels are the only ones on the market with a click system with double-sided rubber sealing. This system has two main advantages. Firstly, the individual panels can easily be clicked together, which are solidly stuck together. This saves a lot of time during installation: large surfaces can be cladded within a short period of time. In addition, the rubber sealing strips ensure an almost seamless connection. That gives a smooth result, suitable for every modern conveyor car wash!

Entrepreneurs in the car wash industry know: appearances count. Clients prefer to drive their car into a car wash where people can see that there is hygiene. That’s why we have designed our Cleanpanel panel in two bright colours:  white and grey. After all, what could be more attractive than bright white walls and ceilings in a conveyor car wash? Moreover, the PVC is UV resistant and the panels are of a uniform colour. The smooth surface of the panels ensures a good light distribution in the area, so that the mega car wash becomes visually more spacious.


Download our product brochures now and get to know all of Cleanbuild’s plastic construction products. Request free advice or a tailor-made quotation. Our specialists will gladly assist you!

Cleanpanel ® is a Cleanbuild product, a specialist in high-quality (hygienic) plastic construction materials. Plastic wall and ceiling cladding have existed for some time, but they rarely had the right quality or features for use in industrial or hygienic areas. Therefore, in collaboration with the plastics industry, we developed the Cleanpanel panel. This panel has remarkable features, which make it possible to achieve a high degree of hygiene and ease of cleaning. The double-sided rubber sealing, for example, is unique to our product. But also the composition of the material (solid PVC), the extra smooth finish and strong joints in the core are unique to Cleanpanel. It is a sophisticated product, that is suitable for many applications.

The plastic panels form the most important part of our total range of hygienic plastic construction materials. Cleanbuild also manufactures and supplies matching plastic profiles (Cleanprofile) and high-quality plastic doors and windows (Cleandoor and Cleanwindow). For these products, too, we have spent years tinkering with the right composition of materials and design. The result: a complete range of smart and practical materials with the best value for money.

Our specialists will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of renovating your car wash, petrol station roof, kitchen or production area with Cleanbuild’s hygienic solutions.

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