industriële scheidingswanden

Industrial walls

Strong wall and ceiling panels. Impact resistant & low maintenance

In an industrial working environment, walls and ceilings have to withstand rough handling. The Cleanpanel panel system is ideally suited for this. The strong, low-maintenance plastic panels do not corrode and are immediately produced in the right length.

Cleanpanel is also a great product for making industrial partition walls. The panels can be mounted self-supporting to form a solid wall. So you can install a new partition wall in no time to divide up your production/storage space efficiently.

Cleanpanel wall system


Our solutions for industrial walls

Low-maintenance and solid plastic building materials. Developed for industry and application in working environments.

Industrial walls we built

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Super smooth, impact resistant & radiant white – Cleanpanel plastic wall and ceiling panels give the working environment a completely new look. Curious about the product? Request a FREE Sample Package now.


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Want to clad a long industrial wall or install partitions? That’s a big job. And we are happy to do it for you! Cleanbuild works with its own assembly team. Our experienced fitters know the products like the back of their hand and install the panels quickly and professionally.

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Cleanpanel & industrial walls

Partitions, temporary walls, partition walls, prewalls – Cleanbuild’s panels are suitable for numerous applications. Thanks to their high quality and sturdiness, the panels are often used in industrial environments.  

Industrial partition walls

Industrial partitions allow company managers to divide up large spaces efficiently. These include warehouses, for example, in which different compartments are created. Partitions are also used in production halls to separate production processes. Partitions suitable for industrial applications must be able to withstand rough handling. The robust Cleanpanel panels are therefore a good choice for building strong, high-quality partitions.

Why install partitions in warehouses/business premises?

Production halls and warehouses are often huge spaces, housing different (production) processes. To clearly separate these processes, partitions can be installed. This is often more pleasant for employees to work in: smaller spaces are easier to survey and partitions can reduce noise transmission.

Partitions are also regularly installed for safety reasons. By separating the various steps in the production process and the associated equipment, it is easier to keep an eye on all possible risks.

A partition wall made of Cleanpanel panels has a bright white or grey colour, which ensures good light distribution in the room. The plastic has a slight sound dampening effect. You can also easily combine the plastic panel system with Cleandoor plastic doors and/or Cleanwindow plastic windows. This way, you quickly install a passage or see-through partition wall.

Does a Cleanpanel partition meet high hygiene requirements?

Some sectors have strict hygiene requirements in production areas, for example in the food industry. Partitions used in these sectors must also comply with strict hygiene guidelines. Special plastic panels designed to ensure optimum hygiene are also available for these production environments.

The Cleanpanel plastic panel is manufactured from a unique mix of raw materials, which allows for a super smooth surface that hardly corrodes. This offers a very high level of hygiene and ease of cleaning. This makes the panel suitable for use in the Fruits and Vegetables industry, beer breweries, fish processing, freezers and cold stores and dairy/cheese factories.

Fast construction with a customised partition wall

Plastic panels can be used to quickly build self-supporting partitions. With panels delivered directly to the right length dimension, assembly becomes an easy job altogether. Cleanbuild produces all plastic panels in its own factory. This allows us to produce the Cleanpanel panels directly in the correct length dimensions. This saves a lot of time during assembly, as little or no cutting is required. Other project dimensions, such as very high partition walls in industrial workshops, are no problem either. The panels are produced as standard with a width of 250 or 400 mm and in the colours white and grey.

The 10 advantages of plastic partition wall panels

When building partitions, partitions and pre-walls, there is a lot of choice in possible materials. You can build walls of concrete, sand-lime brick, wood, plasterboard and what not. Which material is most suitable depends on the location and application. For temporary walls, hygienic walls, renovations and walls in humid environments, plastic partition wall panels are a great solution.

Cleanbuild’s plastic partition walls are made with Cleanpanel panels. These panels are designed as hygienic wall coverings, which also makes them very useful as plastic partition wall panels. They have the following advantages, among others:

  • Quick and easy assembly thanks to a smart click connection between the panels;
  • Plastic is lightweight and therefore easy to handle;
  • Produced to length, always fits;
  • Scratch and impact-resistant PVC stays beautiful for a long time;
  • Resistant to water and many chemicals;
  • Hygienic and easy to clean;
  • Smooth surface looks sleek and modern;
  • Stickers can be easily affixed and removed;
  • Easy to combine with plastic windows and doors;
  • Excellent quality at a good price.

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