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Cleandoor stainless-steel doors

The robust Cleandoor stainless-steel door has an extremely durable construction. The core of the door comprises fire-retardant PIR foam, that is finished on both sides with a polyester protective layer. The door is provided with a strong stainless-steel framework around the door panel and has a stainless-steel-frame and stainless-steel-hinges. Thanks to the moisture and UV resistant finish, Cleandoor stainless-steel doors are highly suitable for hygienic working environments.



A Cleandoor stainless-steel door for every project

Cleandoor stainless-steel doors are available in different designs. The doors can be made in any desired size and can be tailor-made. For example, you can choose from:

  • Revolving door, double doors or sliding door
  • Fully glazed or non-glazed 
  • Plexiglass or insulating double glazing with stainless-steel window frame
  • Colours grey, white and different other RAL colours

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