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With a rollover car wash, cars can be washed very efficiently in a relatively small space. For a professional look, it is important that the washing area looks clean and well maintained. After all, that is what the customer sees when he drives in. The smooth and modern plastic Cleanbuild construction materials guarantee a spotless interior with a fresh look and great ease of cleaning.



Cleanbuild provides a total range of low-maintenance plastic construction materials for roll-over car washes. We choose the power of simplicity: strong products with great ease of maintenance. Our plastic panels are distinguished by long-lasting quality and a smart design, which ensures optimum hygiene. Just like the panels our plastic profiles, windows and doors are made of durable, solid PVC.


Our solutions are widely used for new construction and the renovation of rollover car washes. To the great satisfaction of our clients!

New walls car wash OK Son en Breugel

New walls have been installed in the washrooms of Tankstation OK Son Oost. All equipment and piping have also been neatly concealed behind clean,
logo ok tankstation

Renovation roll-over carwash Renault Beerda in Kollum

Brand new, super smooth, strong and modern are not only the cars of Autobedrijf Beerda in Kollum, but also their brand new carwash!

New build rollover car wash Car Company Koudijs

The walls of the car wash are covered with bright white Cleanpanel panels and the finish has left nothing to be desired in this
Koudijs - autobedrijf carwash wanden

Renovation carwash gasstation BP Oisterwijk

White plastic wall panels and a grey plastic ceiling – the carwash of filling station BP in Oisterwijk looks fresh and modern again!
logo bp png

Renovation car wash Esso Schmilich

A quick solution with a great result! The car wash at the Esso Schmilich filling station was recently completely renovated with Cleanbuild products
ESSO - project tankstation luifel

New carwash for Van Leeuwen Car Cosmetics

For Van Leeuwen Car Cosmetics in Dordrecht, we were given the challenging task of creating a car wash in a special business premises.

Renovation of Shell car wash in The Hague

This project concerned a renovation for a rollover car wash at Shell in The Hague.

New car wash in Vught

The owner of the carwash in Vught was looking for a wall covering that would be easy to clean. In Cleanpanel, he found everything

New car wash BCA Barneveld

This project involved the construction of two roll-over car washes and the cladding of the area where they take photographs of the cars to
BCA - logo werkplaats auto


Cleanbuild is a reliable partner from A to Z. We will be happy to provide advice on the products that best suit your wishes and plans. We then manufacture the products on demand, deliver them quickly and, if desired, we can also take care of the installation for you. Our installation team has broad experience in the construction and renovation of rollover car washes. We strive to offer the maximum service and support in every project.


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Cleanpanel plastic wall and ceiling panels give your working environment a completely new look.

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The maintenance of a roll-over car wash can take a lot of time. Outdated wall cladding, such as rusty sandwich panels or damaged tiled walls, are difficult to clean. It then becomes a considerable challenge to keep the car wash hygienic and visually fresh. With the Cleanpanel plastic panel, we offer car wash owners a quick and practical solution. Our PVC panels offer different car wash owners exactly what they are looking for:

Cleanpanel panels are made of high-quality plastic (solid PVC). As a result, the panels have super smooth surface and dirt can hardly adhere to them. Cleaning long walls and ceilings therefore takes little time and effort.

The PVC material is resistant to water and cleaning agents. Even when thoroughly cleaned, the panels retain a smooth surface. This is a major benefit compared to, for example, tiled walls and sandwich panels, that can easily get damaged. Dirt accumulates in these deteriorated spaces, making it difficult to clean the walls/ceilings after a while. With Cleanpanel this problem does not arise, even after prolonged use.

Cleanpanel panels are the only panel system on the market with a click system with double-sided rubber sealing. Thanks to this click system, the panels are quick to install: you can simply ‘click’ them together which are solidly stuck together. The rubber sealing also ensures that virtually no dirt can remain in the joints between the panels. This guarantees a high degree of hygiene and extra ease of cleaning for your roll-over car wash.

Roll-over car washes get the most out of a relatively small space. This is what makes this type of car wash so suitable, for example, for petrol stations. To give narrow areas a spacious feeling, it is best to cover walls and ceilings with light colours. Cleanbuild offers plastic panels in white and grey, which clear shades and give a car wash a hygienic and modern look. The panels also have a super-smooth surface, which means that light is optimally diffused. This gives, also in the roll-over car wash, a comfortable feeling of spaciousness.


Download our product brochures now and get to know all of Cleanbuild’s plastic construction products. Request free advice or a tailor-made quotation. Our specialists will gladly assist you!

Cleanpanel ® is a Cleanbuild product, a specialist in high-quality (hygienic) plastic construction materials. Plastic wall and ceiling cladding have existed for some time, but they rarely had the right quality or features for use in industrial or hygienic areas. Therefore, in collaboration with the plastics industry, we developed the Cleanpanel panel. This panel has remarkable features, which make it possible to achieve a high degree of hygiene and ease of cleaning. The double-sided rubber sealing, for example, is unique to our product. But also the composition of the material (solid PVC), the extra smooth finish and strong joints in the core are unique to Cleanpanel. It is a sophisticated product, that is suitable for many applications.

The plastic panels form the most important part of our total range of hygienic plastic construction materials. Cleanbuild also manufactures and supplies matching plastic profiles (Cleanprofile) and high-quality plastic doors and windows (Cleandoor and Cleanwindow). For these products, too, we have spent years tinkering with the right composition of materials and design. The result: a complete range of smart and practical materials with the best value for money.

Our specialists will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of renovating your car wash, petrol station roof, kitchen or production area with Cleanbuild’s hygienic solutions.

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