Rollover car wash

Less maintenance, more washing

A rollover car wash is great for efficient car washing. You can quickly turn a relatively small space into a well-appointed carwash. Are you a carwash entrepreneur or do you have a rollover carwash for your vehicle fleet? Save precious time by using plastic panels to cover your walls and ceiling. We can even assemble them for you.

Cleanpanel for rollover carwashes

Show your professionalism with spotless, white carwash walls.

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Super smooth, impact resistant & radiant white – Cleanpanel plastic wall and ceiling panels give the working environment a completely new look. Curious about the product? Request a FREE Sample Package now.


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Are you going to build or renovate a rollover car wash? We can help you with the production of customized plastic finishing materials as well as assembly. Let our experienced fitters take over the work, so you can continue to focus on your business.

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About Cleanpanel and rollover car washes

Save time on maintenance

Maintaining a roll-over car wash can be time-consuming. Outdated wall coverings, such as rusted sandwich plates or damaged tile walls, are difficult to clean. It then becomes quite a challenge to keep the carwash hygienic and optically fresh. With the Cleanpanel plastic panel, we offer carwash owners a quick and, above all, practical solution. Our PVC panels have a number of smart features that offer many carwash owners exactly what they are looking for.

Cleanpanel panels are made of high-quality plastic (rigid PVC). As a result, the panels have a super smooth surface and dirt can hardly adhere to them. Cleaning long walls and ceilings therefore takes little time and effort.

No wear and tear

Cleanpanel’s PVC material is resistant to water and cleaning agents. Even with frequent thorough cleaning, the panels retain a smooth surface. This is a major advantage compared to, for example, tiled walls and sandwich panels, which can be slightly damaged. Dirt accumulates in these damages, making the walls/ceilings difficult to clean over time. With Cleanpanel, this problem does not occur, even after long-term use.

Doesn’t Cleanpanel wear out at all? It does, after all, nothing lasts forever. But compared to other materials, PVC has a very long lifespan. And all the while, the panels remain looking sleek. So you will have high-quality, low-maintenance walls in your car wash for decades.

Fast assembly thanks to unique click system

Cleanpanel panels are the only panel system on the market to feature a click system with double-sided rubber seal. Thanks to this click system, the panels are quick to install: you can simply ‘click’ them together and a very strong connection is created. The rubber seal also ensures that virtually no dirt can remain in the seams between the panels. This guarantees a high level of hygiene and extra cleaning convenience for your rollover car wash.

The fact that the panels are easy and quick to install is a particular advantage in renovation projects in roll-over carwashes. During a renovation, you want to be closed for the shortest possible time. Cleanbuild carries out many renovation projects where we install the walls directly in front of the old wall covering. This allows us to do the renovation in a really short time. Feel free to discuss with our advisers whether this type of renovation is also suitable for your project.

Rollover car wash with a spacious look

Roll-over carwashes get the most out of a relatively small space. That makes this type of car wash so suitable for petrol stations, for example. To still give smaller indoor spaces a spacious feel, walls and ceilings are best clad in light colours. Cleanbuild offers plastic panels in white and grey, both bright shades that give a carwash a hygienic and modern look. The panels also have a super smooth surface, which spreads light optimally. This gives, even in roll-over carwashes, a comfortable feeling of spaciousness.

Are you going to build or renovate a rollover car wash?

Are you having a roll-over washer installed and looking for durable wall coverings? Or do you want to replace outdated car wash walls? Then Cleanbuild is the right place for you. We have extensive experience in building walls, ceilings, plastic doors and windows in roll-over carwashes.

For example, we regularly carry out renovations. But with our panel system, we can also build complete indoor washrooms. Browse through our projects to see the possibilities. And feel free to contact us if you want to know more!

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