Draw attention with a plastic canopy

The canopy is the most prominent part of a petrol statoin. An attractive canopy ensures recognisability and comfort during refuelling. Our high-quality Cleanpanel panels are highly suitable for creating durable, low-maintenance plastic canopies. The smooth surface ensures optimum light distribution, is easy to clean and can withstand all weather conditions. This allows customers to refuel comfortably under a strikingly modern petrol station canopy.

Cleanpanel for petrol stations

Cleanpanel: combine practicality with smooth design

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Having your canopy assembled

Do you want to clad your petrol station canopy with Cleanpanel plastic panels? We can do that for you too. Cleanbuild works with its own installation team, which has already fitted countless Cleanpanel panels. Benefit from their experience and leave the work to us!

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More about plastic petrol station canopies

Why choose Cleanpanel for your canopy?

Cleanpanel is a plastic panel made of rigid PVC. This material is extremely strong and resistant to water, weather influences and chemicals. The panels have a mirror-smooth surface. This allows us to make the most beautiful creations with them! The smooth panels are easy to put stickers on, but they can also be printed. This panel is even suitable for round or oval awnings.

You can also choose the fire-retardant FI-RE panel. This is the familiar Cleanpanel product, made of fire-retardant PVC. The panels have Fire Class B.

Less maintenance on your canopy

Cleanpanel plastic panels have been developed as a hygienic and low-maintenance building material, for indoor and outdoor applications. They are often used in areas that require frequent cleaning, such as carwashes, food production areas and sanitary areas. With a plastic canopy, you benefit from the great cleaning convenience of the smooth, hard-wearing panels. Dirt is easily rinsed off the surface, leaving the awning looking permanently clean and fresh.

Recognisability, colour and appearance

The simplest way to give a petrol station canopy a new look is to add or modify stickers. The smooth surface of our plastic panels is very suitable for this. Stickers can be applied perfectly smooth and are also easy to remove.

Besides the white and grey Cleanpanel panels, we can also produce high-quality plastic panels in various RAL colours. This allows you to have your petrol station’s house style colours continue in the canopy for maximum recognisability. Our advisers will be happy to tell you more about our options for colouring or printing plastic panels.

Comfortable refuelling under a canopy

You own a petrol station and you want your customers to be able to refuel their cars comfortably, regardless the weather. With plastic panels for petrol station canopies, you don’t have to worry about rain, snow or hail. These panels are durable and weather-resistant, making them the perfect solution to protect your customers from the elements. Plus, they are easy to install and maintain, giving you more time to focus on your business.

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