Walls Truckwash Rijnsburg

In Truck wash Rijnsburg, they can really get down to business: the wall covering is ready in any case. The long, high walls are covered with Cleanpanel synthetic panels in the colour white. A logical choice: plastic panels are easy to clean and they are absolutely resistant to large quantities of water and cleaning products.

A truck wash has high walls. That’s no problem for Cleanbuild: our panels are produced to project dimensions and delivered directly in the correct length. In Rijnsburg, the long walls and one short wall were fitted with synthetic panels. Two Cleandoor plastic doors were also installed in the short wall: one sliding door and one hinged door with glass. This means that the technical area and the canteen are easily accessible and professionally closed.

Why plastic panels for truck washes?

In a truck wash it is very important that the wall covering is easy to clean. The walls are high and when washing the trucks a lot of dirty water and cleaning products splash against them. Cleanbuild’s plastic wall panels are easy to spray clean. In addition, they do not corrode, so that no dirt can remain in small damages on the surface of the panel.

Another advantage is that the panels are UV-resistant. At a truckwash, not the entire wall is exposed to sunlight, but only the panels next to the door. Thanks to the UV-resistance, the white colour of the panels is maintained, even in the parts that catch sunlight.

The final reason why many truck wash operators choose Cleanpanel is the robustness of the product. The plastic, hard PVC, is impact-resistant and shock-proof. In other words: the wall covering can take a beating. This is very practical in a truck wash where heavy traffic drives in and out all day.

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