PVC doors are a valuable addition to hygienic wall and ceiling cladding. Just like our panels, the doors are strong, low maintenance and easy to clean. The doors are UV resistant, moisture resistant and resistant to chemicals in disinfection and cleaning agents. In areas with high hygiene requirements. The Cleanbuild plastic doors are therefore an outcome.



Cleanbuild offers a choice of two different doors. The robust Cleandoor stainless-steel is an extremely durable door, that will last for years and requires little maintenance. Also, the sustainable and versatile Cleandoor Plastic offers great ease of cleaning and is available in many different designs. 

Cleandoor pvc
With Cleandoor PVC doors you can choose from many different designs and options. The doors are custom-made and can be assembled entirely to your wishes in terms of dimensions, colour, glazing and design. 
Cleandoor steel door
The robust Cleandoor stainless-steel door has an extremely durable construction. Thanks to the moisture and UV resistant finish, Cleandoor stainless-steel doors are highly suitable for hygienic working environments.


Thanks to the ease of maintenance and high quality, Cleandoor doors are widely used in the most diverse industries.


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Cleanpanel plastic wall and ceiling panels give your working environment a completely new look.

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Walls Truckwash Rijnsburg

In Truck wash Rijnsburg, they can really get down to business: the wall covering is ready in any case. The long, high walls are
logo truckwash rijnsburg.png

New tractor wash bay in Bedum

In the tractor wash bay of Wieringa Farm, the walls are covered with Cleanbuild plastic panels.
Wieringa - tractor wasplaats bekleding

New workshop Farsum

The new warehouse of REYM, specialist in industrial cleaning, is fully clad on the inside with white Cleanpanel panels.
Logo Reym

Renovation walls butchery

Cleanbuild supplied hygienic plastic panels to poultry specialist Hendriks in Venlo for the renovation of the walls in the butchery.

New walls car wash OK Son en Breugel

New walls have been installed in the washrooms of Tankstation OK Son Oost. All equipment and piping have also been neatly concealed behind clean,
logo ok tankstation


Our Cleandoor plastic doors are, technically speaking, exterior doors. This means that they are UV resistant, and resistant to (extreme) weather conditions and moisture. These qualities make the doors also highly suitable for use in industrial hygienic working environments. For car washes, for example, is it ideal that the doors are UV resistant. Especially in roll-over car washes, sunlight often enters the building. In other industries, such as the food industry and sanitary facilities, it is important that doors can withstand frequent and thorough cleaning. Both types of Cleandoor doors can cope with this for a long time and without any problems. A plastic exterior door for interior use therefore offers many advantages.


Tailor-made PVC doors
Our Cleandoor stainless-steel door and Cleandoor PVC door are tailor-made to your needs. You can also choose the door that best suits your project in terms of colour and design. Would you like more information on the different options? Our advisors are technically qualified and will be happy to discuss the various possibilities with you.


Download our product brochures now and get to know all of Cleanbuild’s plastic construction products. Request free advice or a tailor-made quotation. Our specialists will gladly assist you!


Cleandoor doors are easy to install in walls cladded with  Cleanpanel or FI-RE panels. You can use Cleanprofile profiles to give the doors a neat finish. 

Our specialists will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of renovating your car wash, petrol station roof, kitchen or production area with Cleanbuild’s hygienic solutions.

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