Renovation panels in the freezer room of Good Life Foods

Cold store panels for the food industry have to meet many conditions. For example, the interior lining of freezer rooms must not only be very hygienic, but also be able to withstand extreme temperature changes. Goodlife Foods, previously known as Izico Food Group, opted for Cleanpanel plastic panels to renovate the freezer room in their Katwijk production location. To the great satisfaction of the customer: Cleanpanel serves excellently as a high-quality freezer and cold room panel.

Wall and ceiling cladding in freezer

Goodlife Foods, previously known as Izico Food Group, is one of the largest frozen snack products on the European market. There is a large production location in Katwijk, where spring rolls are produced and packaged. Before the snacks go into the packaging, they are frozen to a temperature of no less than -45 degrees Celsius. The wall and ceiling coverings in the freezer compartment must therefore be able to withstand extremely low temperatures. 

And not only that. Once a week, the spiral freezers switch off and the temperature in the freezer is reduced to +20 degrees Celsius. The plastic cooling cell panels are thoroughly cleaned at this temperature. The white Cleanpanel panels can withstand these temperature changes without any problems and are very easy to clean, even after a week of freezing cold.

Renovate cold store

During the renovation of the freezer room, the Cleanpanel plastic panels were mounted as a retention wall against the old wall cladding of steel sandwich plates. This made assembly work very quickly, so that the freezer compartment was only out of use for a short time. The ceiling has also been reupholstered. With the new plastic cold room panels, the freezer compartment is easy to clean again and can last for years to come.

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