New wash bays Wasland

Wasland opens new car wash with wash boxes in Stadskanaal

Wasland recently expanded with a new location in Stadskanaal. Eight new wash bays have been installed on the Tinnegieter business park. This brings Wasland to four car wash locations, in Drachten, Winschoten and two in Stadskanaal.

At the new location, Wasland now has eight unmanned do-it-yourself car wash cubicles that are open 24/7. “This new location is very conveniently located on an industrial estate and along a through road,” says owner Marco Land. “And it is on the other side of Stadskanaal for us, so ideal. So that was the reason for setting up a new carwash here, before anyone else took that opportunity.”

WashTec’s new wash bays have ‘all the trimmings’. Land mentions the rim cleaner, which makes it easy to clean the rims, but also the polish that ensures the shine and preservation of the paintwork. Especially in the evening, the wash bays are a picture because of the LED show that Land has had built into them. When it is dark, the wash boxes light up completely. The colours of the Wasland logo are then reflected in them.

Plastic panels

Cleanbuild fitted the inside of the wash bays with Cleanpanel plastic panels. The outside of the building is clad in sandwich panels. Cleanpanel was chosen for the back wall, side walls and partitions because the panels are resistant to water and chemicals in cleaning products, says Land. “It is the first time for us to work with Cleanbuild, but I have seen it before with colleagues. It is of good quality and because it is plastic, it stays nice longer.” Mesa Coatings coated the floors. The coin machine comes from Belgium’s Antenor Payment Systems.

Now that the wash boxes are open, Land is thinking about giving it some extra attention on social media. “But word of mouth still works best here in Stadskanaal. People already know Wasland here and are only too curious about the new location.”

For now, Land will stick to the washboxes here. On the other side of Stadskanaal, there is already a large Wasland branch, with a chain car wash, vacuum square and wash boxes. Land did buy a large plot of land next to it, though, so that something more could possibly be added in the future.

New wash bays Wasland, made by cleanbuild

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