New construction conveyor car wash Coppus Venlo

Coppus Carwash is not the first car wash in Venlo, but it is the largest and the most sustainable. In an existing building of 2,100 m2, the entrepreneur built 19 covered vacuum cleaning places and a 45-meter-long DICO chain washing line. The ceiling and the long wall next to the car wash are covered with Cleanpanel plastic panels. In addition to the delivery, our team also took care of the assembly in Venlo.

Quality in chain washing line

At a large washing facility such as Coppus Carwash, everything revolves around quality, speed and effective work. For example, the entrepreneur opted for a long chain washing line, which makes pre-spraying unnecessary. This increases the capacity of the car wash, which can continue to wash non-stop. In a washing facility like this, the wall and ceiling coverings are continuously exposed to water and cleaning agents. This requires a material that can withstand high loads. Plastic (hard PVC) is then an excellent choice. Cleanpanel plastic panels are resistant to many common chemicals and are free from corrosion. Even with intensive use, the walls remain beautiful, smooth and easy to clean for a very long time. The car wash owner has minimal maintenance and maximum ease of use.

Sustainable car wash

When developing the car wash, the entrepreneur also opted for sustainability. For example, the water is drained through various wells, treated and reused for washing. There is also washing with biodegradable chemicals. The Cleanpanel plastic panels also contribute to a future-proof car wash. The material has a very long life and is recyclable. In addition, there is a minimum of residual waste when installing Cleanpanel, because the panels are produced directly to the correct length.

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