Car wash in business premises Vlissingen

A car wash that gives a unique look into your business hall – Vlissingen-based bodyshop Van den Berg managed to achieve this. The new roll-over car wash took place in the existing business premises, where a steel construction and plastic panels were used to create a lockable car wash area.

View through from the carwash

The activity in the hall can easily be viewed from the carwash, as windows have been placed in the plastic wall panels. Like the wall cladding, these Cleanwindow plastic window frames are easy to clean and resistant to water and detergents. The windows create a nice ‘see-through’ and bond between the company and the carwash customer.

Lockable with code lock

The carwash is accessible from the business hall through a plastic door (Cleandoor). As the carwash is open 24 hours a day, this door must also be able to be safely locked. The door is therefore fitted with a reliable three-point locking system and a code lock.

Perfect finish

Overhead doors have been installed on the entrance side of the carwash, which run away into the ceiling above the panels. The Washtec machine controls, chemistry and other connections are also neatly concealed on the floors above and opposite the carwash. This gives a super sleek look to the white clad carwash.

Also building a car wash in an existing hall?

Cleanpanel plastic wall and ceiling panels are very suitable for building an indoor carwash. The panels can be placed directly against a steel structure behind them, eliminating the need to brick walls first. This saves space, time and money. Moreover, the panels are delivered in the right length and, thanks to a smart click system, they are quick to assemble. Ideal for efficient (re)construction!

Foto's van het project

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