Strong, impact-resistant and quick to install – the Cleanpanel wall system is ideal for the construction of partition walls. The PVC panels are easy to handle and are simply clicked together. The result is a smooth wall, that can even be fitted with full-colour stickers. Thanks to the good price/performance ratio and practical features, Cleanpanel is often used for the construction of temporary walls in industrial buildings, production areas, trade fairs, offices and countless other environments.  



Cleanbuild offers a low-threshold solution for the construction of partition walls and dividing walls. Our practical PVC panels feature a smart click connection with rubber sealing. This means that the panels form a solid, virtually seamless wall. The smooth surface of the Cleanpanel panels is not only low maintenance, but it also gives the partition walls a modern appearance. Besides the Cleanpanel panels in white and grey, we also offer fire-retardant FR panels.

Cleanpanel FR Wit 250mm
The ‘Fire Retardant’ panels are made of plastic that is composed of fire-retardant (fire class B-S3-D0) raw materials. Benefits of the plastic panels with fire-retardant properties. 
In places where a U-shaped profile does not fit properly, a Cleanprofile L-shaped profile can be used for finishing the Cleanpanel panels.
Cleanprofile U-shaped profiles are used for a tidy and smooth finishing of wall and ceiling panels. Cleanprofile plastic U-shaped profiles are available in white and grey and fit perfectly with the Cleanpanel plastic panels.
Cleandoor steel door
The robust Cleandoor stainless-steel door has an extremely durable construction. Thanks to the moisture and UV resistant finish, Cleandoor stainless-steel doors are highly suitable for hygienic working environments.
Cleandoor pvc
With Cleandoor PVC doors you can choose from many different designs and options. The doors are custom-made and can be assembled entirely to your wishes in terms of dimensions, colour, glazing and design. 
Kunststof Ramen
Our windows are specially developed for industrial and hygienic applications. The high-quality PVC makes the windows strong and low maintenance, with an excellent price-quality ratio.


Partition walls, temporary walls, dividing walls, retention walls – Cleanbuild panels are suitable for countless applications. Our PVC panels are even a useful product for durable billboards, printed construction site fences and trade fair walls. Cleanpanel is used for the following, among other things:




Carwash fire station Almere

The new fire station in Almere-Poort has its own car wash for fire engines. Cleanbuild was asked to clad the walls, ceilings and the
Brandweer Flevoland

Renovation truckwash Zeewolde

The truck wash at the SuperTank petrol station in Zeewolde has had a real makeover. The interior of the truckwash has been re-lined with
Supertank logo

Walls Truckwash Rijnsburg

In Truck wash Rijnsburg, they can really get down to business: the wall covering is ready in any case. The long, high walls are
logo truckwash rijnsburg.png

New tractor wash bay in Bedum

In the tractor wash bay of Wieringa Farm, the walls are covered with Cleanbuild plastic panels.
Wieringa - tractor wasplaats bekleding

New workshop Farsum

The new warehouse of REYM, specialist in industrial cleaning, is fully clad on the inside with white Cleanpanel panels.
Logo Reym

Renovation walls butchery

Cleanbuild supplied hygienic plastic panels to poultry specialist Hendriks in Venlo for the renovation of the walls in the butchery.

New walls car wash OK Son en Breugel

New walls have been installed in the washrooms of Tankstation OK Son Oost. All equipment and piping have also been neatly concealed behind clean,
logo ok tankstation

Renovation car wash Bleeker

Contractor Droste Kleinbouw recently completed a project with Cleanpanels from Cleanbuild. It concerned the renovation of a wall in a car wash.


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Industrial partitions offer managers the opportunity to divide up large spaces efficiently. For example in warehouses, where different compartments can be created using partition walls. Partitions are also used in production halls to separate production processes. Partition walls that are suitable for industrial applications must be able to withstand rough treatment. The robust Cleanpanel panels are therefore an excellent choice for the construction of strong, high-quality and hygienic partition walls.

There are many different types of partition walls, but only few can be used in industrial areas, like production halls, warehouses and storage areas. Industrial walls must be strong and be able to take a beating. But, they must also be waterproof, easy to clean and able to withstand temperature changes. Of course, concrete partition walls are an option; you can’t knock them down just like that. The biggest disadvantage of concrete walls is the time it takes to build them. Also, concrete or plaster offers no flexibility: you cannot change its position easily. That is why many companies choose for ready-made partition walls, made of plastic panels.

In some branches, strict hygiene requirements apply in production areas, for example in the food industry. Partition walls used in these sectors must also comply with these hygiene guidelines. Cleanpanel offers especially designed PVC panels that guarantee optimum hygiene. Cleanpanel plastic panels are manufactured from a unique mixture of raw materials, creating a super smooth surface that hardly corrodes. The panels thus offer a very high degree of hygiene and are easy to clean.

Self-supporting partition walls can be built quickly with plastic panels. With panels that are supplied in the correct lengths straight away, assembly becomes an entirely simple task. Cleanbuild produces all plastic panels in its own factory. This enables us to produce the Cleanpanel panels to the correct length straight away. This saves a lot of time during assembly: there is little or no need to saw. Deviating project dimensions, such as very high partition walls in industrial workshops, are not a problem either. The panels are produced with a width of 250 or 400 mm and in the colours white and grey.

When building partition walls, intermediate walls and frontage walls, there is a wide range of possible materials to choose from. You can build walls from concrete, sand-lime brick, wood, plasterboard and much more. Which material is most suitable, depends on the location and application. For temporary walls, hygienic walls, renovations and walls in humid environments, plastic partition panels are a great solution.

The Cleanbuild plastic partition walls are made from Cleanpanel panels. These panels are designed as hygienic wall coverings, which also makes them very useful as synthetic partition wall panels. Amongst other things, they have the following advantages:

  1. Quick and easy installation thanks to a smart click connection between the panels;
  2. Plastic is lightweight and therefore easy to handle;
  3. Produced to length, always fits;
  4. Scratch- and impact-resistant PVC remains beautiful for a long time;
  5. Resistant to water and many chemicals;
  6. Hygienic and easy to clean;
  7. Smooth surface looks sleek and modern;
  8. Stickers can be easily attached and removed;
  9. Easy to combine with plastic windows and doors;
  10. Excellent value for money – relatively inexpensive partition wall.


Download our product brochures now and get to know all of Cleanbuild’s plastic construction products. Request free advice or a tailor-made quotation. Our specialists will gladly assist you!


An indoor office or temporary office unit is usually placed in large business premises and event halls. Think for example of a desk or office in a warehouse or exhibition building. These temporary offices must above all be practical and quick to assemble and dismantle. The obvious choice is a wall system that offers flexibility, such as plastic panels.

Even though office units are mostly a temporary solution, it is important that the room is pleasant to work in. Incidence of (day)light is particularly important for a pleasant working environment. The material of the walls partly determines the amount of light entering the room. Smooth plastic wall panels have the advantage that incoming light is diffused well, especially if the panels are brightly coloured. Cleanpanel panels in the colour white are a good choice.

A window is required for natural daylight to enter. Our plastic windows, doors and profiles together with the Cleanpanel panels form one practical system. In this way, complete office units can be built quickly and easily from high-quality plastic building materials.

Are you going to build an office in your warehouse or production hall? This is easily done with plastic panels. Cleanpanel panels can be combined with plastic windows and doors to create a lockable office space. This gives employees privacy, but also allows the office to be securely closed at the end of the working day. Cleandoor plastic doors are supplied as standard with a high-quality security fitting, so you can leave computers and business information in your indoor office space with peace of mind.


Plastic panels are a versatile building material with countless possibilities. The hygienic Cleanpanel panels are made of the highest quality plastics, which means they can even be used as refrigerator and freezer panels. The robust plastic can withstand extremely low temperatures and does not corrode under long-term exposure to cold.

Even rapid temperature changes do not pose a problem. Cleanpanel-clad cold rooms can be heated to room temperature to be cleaned.  Thanks to the strong material (hard PVC), the synthetic panels are also resistant to water and cleaning agents. The smooth panels are easy to clean – the dirt can simply be rinsed off. In this way, the Cleanpanel system guarantees optimum hygiene in cold stores and freezer rooms.

Cleanpanel ® is a Cleanbuild product, a specialist in high-quality (hygienic) plastic construction materials. Plastic wall and ceiling cladding have existed for some time, but they rarely had the right quality or features for use in industrial or hygienic areas. Therefore, in collaboration with the plastics industry, we developed the Cleanpanel panel. This panel has remarkable features, which make it possible to achieve a high degree of hygiene and ease of cleaning. The double-sided rubber sealing, for example, is unique to our product. But also the composition of the material (solid PVC), the extra smooth finish and strong joints in the core are unique to Cleanpanel. It is a sophisticated product, that is suitable for many applications.

The plastic panels form the most important part of our total range of hygienic plastic construction materials. Cleanbuild also manufactures and supplies matching plastic profiles (Cleanprofile) and high-quality plastic doors and windows (Cleandoor and Cleanwindow). For these products, too, we have spent years tinkering with the right composition of materials and design. The result: a complete range of smart and practical materials with the best value for money.

Our specialists will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of renovating your car wash, petrol station roof, kitchen or production area with Cleanbuild’s hygienic solutions.

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