Warehouse offices

Quickly build an indoor office in your warehouse.

An warehouse office or temporary office unit is usually placed in large business premises and event halls. Think, for example, of a counter or office in a warehouse or exhibition building. These temporary offices mainly need to be practical and quick to set up and dismantle. The obvious choice is a wall system that offers flexibility, such as plastic panels.

Cleanpanel plastic panels

Our wall system for warehouse offices

With Cleanpanel plastic panels, you can create an indoor office in your warehouse in no time.



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Sample Package

Super smooth, impact resistant & radiant white – Cleanpanel plastic wall and ceiling panels give the working environment a completely new look. Curious about the product? Request a FREE Sample Package now.

Let us build our office

Did you know Cleanbuild can also provide assembly? Our experienced fitters assemble warehouse offices quickly and professionally. They will be happy to visit your storage hall, warehouse or business premises to provide you with a beautiful office space.

More about Cleanpanel & warehouse offices

Indoor office units in industrial buildings

If you would pay a visit to Cleanbuild’s warehouse, you would find us sitting in an office made of Cleanpanel plastic panels. Such an office is ideal for warehouse workers. You can update your administration perfectly focused in a quiet office, while being easy to find for visitors and drivers coming to unload. Also handy: the office space can be locked, so computers can be left safely. Moreover, it is easy to set up a counter where visitors can check in.

Creating an indoor office is easy with Cleanpanel panels. The wall system clicks together easily, allowing you to quickly install complete walls. You can also easily combine the plastic wall panels with plastic windows and plastic doors, so you can quickly install a complete office. The walls are strong, clean and, with their light colour, provide fine light distribution in the room.

How to build an office with Cleanpanel plastic panels

Many indoor offices and temporary offices have already been built with Cleanpanel panels. Thanks to the Cleanpanel click system, which simply clicks the panels together, assembly takes little time. Assembly is performed in the following steps:

Step 1: Installing a rear structure. Mounting starts with the installation of a wooden frame or railing, which serves as a sub-frame for the panels.

Step 2: Fixing the profiles. Cleanprofile plastic profiles can easily be mounted against the construction. These profiles are supplied in the same colour as the panels and are exactly matched to the Cleanpanel system in terms of dimensions.

Step 3: Positioning the panels in the profiles. After all profiles have been fixed, the panels can easily be inserted into the profiles. The panels are fixed blind, creating a tight fit. A saw is hardly needed: Cleanpanel panels are produced directly to project dimensions.

Building an office space with Cleanpanel panels requires only two people. Cleanbuild can also take care of the entire assembly for you. Our assembly team has extensive experience in building partitions, office walls and office units.

A temporary office and pleasant working

Even though office units are a temporary solution, it is important to be able to work comfortably in the space. Incidence of daylight is particularly important for this. The material of the walls partly determines how much light enters the room. Smooth plastic wall panels have the advantage that incident light is diffused well, especially if the panels are brightly coloured. Cleanpanel panels in white are then a good choice.

For natural daylight, a window is required. Together with Cleanpanel panels, our plastic windows, doors and profiles form one practical system. This makes it quick and easy to build complete office units from high-quality plastic building materials.

Building an indoor office?

Want to build an office in your warehouse or industrial hall? You can easily do so with plastic panels. Cleanpanel panels can easily be combined with plastic windows and doors to create a lockable office space. This gives employees privacy, but also offers the possibility of securely closing the office at the end of the working day. Cleandoor plastic doors come with a high-quality security fitting as standard, so you can leave computers and business information in your indoor office space with peace of mind.

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