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Fruits and Vegetables

Build a hygienic storage for potatoes, vegetables or fruit

As an entrepreneur in the Fruits and Vegetables industry, you know better than anyone else that quality and hygiene are essential. Suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables are working daily to ensure food safety. This requires a work area that is easy and thoroughly cleaned. Cleanpanel plastic panels are the answer. Our panels are made of rigid PVC, super smooth and easy to clean. Moreover, they are strong, impact-resistant and last for decades.

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Great ease of maintenance for fruit & vegetable wholesalers

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More about Cleanbuild for fresh produce companies

What are the advantages of plastic panels for Fruit and Vegetable processors?

As an agri-food company, you naturally want your produce to stay fresh for as long as possible. Plastic panels can play a major role in this. Cleanpanel plastic panels from Cleanbuild BV are ideally suited for fresh produce companies. This is because these panels are made of rigid PVC, which ensures that the panels are super smooth and do not hold dirt. As a result, they can be cleaned quickly and easily and the space in which the agrifood products are stored remains hygienic.

Moreover, the panels are durable and can take a beating. This makes them extremely suitable for use in the food industry. By choosing Cleanpanel plastic panels, you ensure that the stored fruits and vegetables stay fresh for as long as possible.

Which companies in the agrifood sector is Cleanpanel suitable for?

The fruits and vegetables sector includes different types of businesses. Agrifood includes not only the growers and producers of these products, but also transporters, packaging companies and supermarkets where these products are sold. In addition, the fruits and vegetables sector also includes wholesalers, caterers and restaurants that buy these products, for example. So it is a very diverse sector with different types of companies all dealing with the production, processing and sale of potatoes, fruit and vegetables.

Cleanpanel plastic panels are suitable for both large spaces and smaller ones. The panels are used in storage sheds, warehouses and industrial environments. But Cleanpanel is also suitable for catering kitchens, small storage areas and even cold stores and freezers. So we can mean something to the entire AGF sector with one product.

Characteristics of Fruits & Vegetables storage


When renovating or building a food storage shed, it is important to pay attention to several issues. For instance, the shed must meet strict food safety and hygiene requirements. The space where the products are stored should be easy to clean and there should be no nooks and crannies where dirt can accumulate. It is therefore important to choose wall and ceiling coverings that meet these requirements. Plastic panels from Cleanpanel are a good example of this. The panels do not suffer from corrosion (a crumbling surface) and remain smooth for a long time. 

Temperature and humidity

In addition, the shed must be well insulated so that temperature and humidity can be properly regulated. This is very important for maintaining the quality of the stored fresh produce products. Cleanpanel panels on the walls and ceilings allow the temperature and humidity in the room to be properly regulated. The panels are waterproof and the layer of air between the plastic has an insulating effect.


Finally, the security of the storage facility should also be considered. For example, adequate fire safety should be achieved and proper access control systems should be installed to prevent theft. When it comes to fire safety, Cleanbuild can help: we also have a fire-retardant FI-RE panel in our range. That panel has the same benefits as Cleanpanel, but is made of a fire-retardant plastic mix. As for security in terms of access, we can help with our Cleanandoor plastic doors. Various locking systems and locks are available for this.

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