Cold stores

Building a cold store or freezer? It’s a breeze with Cleanpanel.

A professional cold store requires hygienic walls and ceilings. But not all materials are suitable. Cold store panels must also be able to withstand temperature changes and prolonged cold. Plastic is a handy material for this. The robust Cleanpanel plastic panels are strong and easy to clean. Also, the click system makes customisation very easy. With Cleanpanel, you can build a hygienic and practical cold store or freezer room in no time.

Cleanpanel cold store panels

Clean with confidence: Cleanpanel is resistant to desinfectants.

Our products for cold stores and freezers

Our PVC finishing materials are hygienic and resistant to temperature changes and freezing.
A practical solution for those who want to easily build a cold room or freezer room.

Cold stores built with Cleanpanel

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Super smooth, impact resistant & radiant white – Cleanpanel plastic wall and ceiling panels give the working environment a completely new look. Curious about the product? Request a FREE Sample Package now.


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We also provide assembly

Building a cold store or freezer room with Cleanpanel panels is a great job for our assembly team. They hit the road every day with a bus full of Cleanbuild products to assemble them professionally and quickly. Make it easy on yourself and outsource the assembly to our mechanics.

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More about Cleanpanel cold store panels

The advantages of plastic cold storage panels

Plastic panels are great for cladding cold rooms and freezers. Some advantages of the product:

Cleanbuild’s plastic panels have a super smooth surface. Handy: this makes them very easy to spray clean. Dirt cannot adhere to uneven surfaces on the panels. The plastic (rigid PVC) is also resistant to common chemicals in cleaning products and disinfectants. The panels are connected with a click system. There is a rubber seal between the seams, which ensures extra hygiene. The virtually seamless connection makes the panels form a super smooth whole.

Cold stores and freezers need regular cleaning. For this, they are often brought to room temperature. The material of the walls and ceilings must be able to withstand this: some materials expand or shrink as a result of temperature changes. Cleanpanel panels do not. The material, rigid PVC, can be cooled and brought back to room temperature without any problems. So you can clean the walls and ceilings in your refrigerator or freezer with peace of mind.

Cleanpanel cold storage panels have a long lifespan. Depending on how they are used, they should last for decades. When the panels reach the end of their service life, you can easily replace them. It is a matter of unclipping and unscrewing them and then replacing them with new panels.

The plastic cold store panels have a high load-bearing capacity. This makes it possible to install shelves in the cold store walls, for example.

Another big advantage of plastic: you never suffer from rust. Cleanpanel panels also have the advantage that they do not corrode. With corrosion, the surface of the wall cladding slowly ‘crumbles’. This creates small bumps in the surface. Dirt can adhere to these small holes and cracks more easily, making walls and ceilings more difficult to keep clean. Plastic panels do not suffer from this.

Building a custom-made cold store

Can you also build a custom-made cold room with Cleanpanel? Sure. The panel system works with a handy click connection. This allows you to simply click the individual panels together. The seams contain a rubber seal, which gives extra strength to the connection. The rubber also ensures hygienic sealing of the seams. We produce the cold room panels directly to the right length. For small pieces or a cove, for example, you can also easily cut the panels to the right size. You then finish everything neatly and tautly with plastic profiles.

Cleanbuild can also take the work off your hands. Our fitters are very experienced and will come up with a solution for every custom-made project. Especially in cold stores, this can save a lot of ‘puzzling’.

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