Dairy and cheese farms

Easily build or renovate a hygienic dairy processing room

Dairy processing and cheese making facilities are subject to strict hygiene rules. Dairy processing areas must be and stay clean. With plastic panels, windows and doors, you make it easy on yourself. PVC has a smooth surface, which makes it harder for dirt to adhere. The material is also resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants. So you can clean the walls, doors and windows in your cheese dairy with peace of mind.

Plastic panels for dairy/ cheese farms

Hygienic, bright white walls. Clean and pleasant to work with.

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Looking for a complete range of finishing materials for dairy processing companies? Check out at our plastic panels, windows and doors. Specially developed for hygienic applications, with a very long lifespan.

Projects in dairy/ cheese farms

Our building materials are regularly used by dairy processors and help meet HACCP standards. Plastic wall and ceiling cladding can be fitted almost seamlessly and gives a clean, fresh look to your cheese factory.

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Super smooth, impact resistant & radiant white – Cleanpanel plastic wall and ceiling panels give the working environment a completely new look. Curious about the product? Request a FREE Sample Package now.


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Covering walls and ceilings in dairy processing and cheese farms is a precision job. For optimum hygiene, the wall covering must fit exactly. We can help. Cleanbuild works with its own fitters, who have extensive knowledge of fitting hygienic walls and ceilings. Outsource the assembly to us and benefit from their experience.

Besides assembly, we offer a complete service package:

More about Cleanbuild & dairy processing

The best-known product in our range is Cleanpanel. This plastic panel allows you to create hygienic walls and ceilings in no time. You simply click the panels together. A rubber seal creates a tight, smooth wall. The panels are mirror-smooth, making them easy to clean. They also do not corrode and last a particularly long time.

Are you going to tackle your cheese or dairy processing room right away? Then plastic windows and doors are a great addition. Just like the panels, Cleanbuild’s plastic windows and doors are made of rigid PVC. Just as easy to clean and just as hygienic. Also handy: the windows and doors are matched to the plastic panels, so you can easily install them.

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Does Cleanbuild also assemble on site?

We are happy to come and assemble our plastic finishing materials on site. This makes it really easy to rebuild your cheese factory or dairy processing room! For optimum hygiene and watertightness, we even recommend having us install the panels. Our fitters are highly experienced and know exactly how best to install the materials. They have also seen many different situations and can come up with a suitable solution for a beautiful result.

HACCP and hygiene codes

As a dairy processing company, you must comply with the HACCP guidelines and the Hygiene Code for your sector. The Hygiene Code translates the HACCP rules to your sector and is drawn up by the industry associations. Keeping the working environment clean is a key issue here. With our hygienic plastic building products, you can meet the requirements in this area and keep your working process hygienic.

Is Cleanpanel suitable for HACCP cheese dairies and dairy processors?

In HACCP working environments, it is important to prevent bacteria formation. Therefore, equipment, surfaces and walls must be kept clean. Cleanpanel has a smooth surface that can be easily sprayed clean. You will also not suffer from corrosion with these plastic panels. Corrosion wears down the surface, causing small damages. In these damages, bacteria can attach more easily. Cleanpanel panels do not have this problem, so dirt has no chance of adhering to the surface.

The various plastic panels are ‘clicked’ together to form a single whole. Cleanpanel has a rubber seal between the seams, which hygienically seals the seams. So the panels are not 100% seamless. For this reason, we do not recommend using Cleanpanel in meat processing plants, for example. Here, the risk of bacterial growth is high. But for cheese dairies and most dairy processors, the Cleanpanel panel offers more than sufficient hygiene.

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