Cleanbuild hygienic solutions for workshops and garages


Workshops in garages get dirty quickly. Customers, who often drop off their cars before or after work, find it more pleasant if a workshop looks clean. It is therefore important that a workplace can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. Our Cleanbuild PVC products are the ideal solution. With a cloth and a mild soapy water, the walls, ceilings, doors and frames are sparkling clean in no time. The result is a workshop where customers are happy to bring their cars, even in their business clothes.



Cleanbuild specialises in low-maintenance plastic construction materials. Our Cleanpanel plastic panels are impact-resistant, wear-resistant and are strong enough to hold shelves or cabinets. The panels are also available as fire-retardant FI-RE panels. In addition to PVC panels, our product range includes high-quality plastic doors, frames and windows.


Cleanbuild regularly visits workshops and garages to provide them with low-maintenance wall and ceiling cladding. The areas become fresh and modern again, to the great satisfaction of our clients.

New workshop Farsum

The new warehouse of REYM, specialist in industrial cleaning, is fully clad on the inside with white Cleanpanel panels.
Logo Reym

Renovation Audi workshop with gray Cleanpanel panels

Audi workshop in Dusseldorf renovated by Cleanbuild with gray Cleanpanel plastic panels.

Partition wall mounted for Mercedes Benz dealer

In June 2019, Cleanbuild completed a Cleanpanel project on behalf of the company Kärcher in a commercial space of a Mercedes dealer.


Are you planning to build or renovate a workplace/garage? Cleanbuild can save you a lot of work. Our service goes beyond the production and delivery of our solutions. For example, our advisors will be happy to think along with you about the right sizes and products for your building project and we can take care of the installation for you. Everything you need, provided by one reliable partner. 


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Cleanpanel plastic wall and ceiling panels give your working environment a completely new look.

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Men work hard all day in workshops and car garages. It would be a pity to lose money and time in order to keep the place clean. After all, that time could also be spent helping customers. We can make your garage more low maintenance and easy-to-clean using our construction materials. Walls and ceilings cladded with our plastic panels do not retain dirt and their colour remains bright for a long time. Cleaning activities are thus reduced to a minimum.

A pleasant working environment is organised and clean. Cabinets and shelves on the wall are ideal for creating storage space, without losing space. Our Cleanpanel PVC wall claddings are strong and have enough load-bearing capacity to attach shelves and cabinets. Moreover, our bright white plastic panels, doors and frames give a light, spacious look to the workplace or garage. This brings comfort to customers and employees. 


Download our product brochures now and get to know all of Cleanbuild’s plastic construction products. Request free advice or a tailor-made quotation. Our specialists will gladly assist you!

Cleanpanel ® is a Cleanbuild product, a specialist in high-quality (hygienic) plastic construction materials. Plastic wall and ceiling cladding have existed for some time, but they rarely had the right quality or features for use in industrial or hygienic areas. Therefore, in collaboration with the plastics industry, we developed the Cleanpanel panel. This panel has remarkable features, which make it possible to achieve a high degree of hygiene and ease of cleaning. The double-sided rubber sealing, for example, is unique to our product. But also the composition of the material (solid PVC), the extra smooth finish and strong joints in the core are unique to Cleanpanel. It is a sophisticated product, that is suitable for many applications.

The plastic panels form the most important part of our total range of hygienic plastic construction materials. Cleanbuild also manufactures and supplies matching plastic profiles (Cleanprofile) and high-quality plastic doors and windows (Cleandoor and Cleanwindow). For these products, too, we have spent years tinkering with the right composition of materials and design. The result: a complete range of smart and practical materials with the best value for money.

Our specialists will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of renovating your car wash, petrol station roof, kitchen or production area with Cleanbuild’s hygienic solutions.

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